Two versions of the software are available. A demo download and a hosted evaluation. Both versions operate identically except in the first case the software runs on your web server, in the second case the software runs on our web servers.

Demo download

The demo version may be and installed on your web server running either Windows or Linux . We ask that you use this version no longer than 30 days without registration. If you decide not to purchase a password please remove the software from your server after that time. The demo downloadable version is limited in that 1) you may only create a limited number of calendars, and 2) you may not remove nor modify the header and footer. These limitations are removed when you which we will email to you after you register.

Hosted evaluation

The hosted evaluation version is identical to the demo download version except that it runs on our web server not your. It is not limited in any way. You may . If you choose to register the hosted version you must pay the same registration fee described above for the demo download version. In addition, if you wish to utilize our hosting service you must pay a monthly hosting fee. The initial one-time registration fee includes three months of free hosting. The .

Further information / prices

Please visit us online for more information on purchasing or . We accept all major credit cards, paypal, company purchase orders, checks or money orders. If you wish, please call us at (800) 949-3334 or email us at .