Information in this help file pertains to: calweb.ini

The header and footer of every page as well as the header and footer of the main table use a technology called display strings. This allows for customization of the way the software displays itself. The display strings and field tokens used in the headers and footers (called replacement strings) is documented in this help file.

Each of these settings are made in the calweb.ini file in each calendar's data folder. You may also use a replacement string in the 'message' token under template based display.

Details of header/footer display strings

This first section of settings stores the default strings for the header and footer of the main table (items start with 'mt_') and the calendar as a whole (the two 'text' items).

These tokens serve as the building blocks for the header / footer replacement strings.

Each of the following items is a replacement for the {title} tag only. The replacement occurs depending on the state of the program. For example, if you are in a dialog the dialog_headerfmt string applies.

Daily message file

Like the template.htm the daily message file is picked up from either the calendar's data folder or, if no such file is found then the root of the data folder. The file must be called message.txt and may contain any valid code (including plain text). You may use this feature to post daily or weekly announcements to all calendars for example.