Information in this help file pertains to: ./cw_templates

A skin is a cascading style sheet that gives a calendar its look and feel. Skins are stored on your server in a folder called $DOCUMENT_ROOT/cw_templates.

You may create your own skin by copying an existing skin and adding it to the root of the data folder. All .css files in either $DOCUMENT_ROOT/cw_templates or the root of the data folder are presented in the skin select dropdown.

The easiest way to create a new skin is probably to copy an existing skin and make incremental changes until your calendar looks the way you want it to. These instructions may help.

Helpful hints

Obviously this is a trial and error process. If you are not familiar with .css files there are many resources on the internet to help you. One helpful method that we've found is to set the background-color: of a class to purple or orange. Reloading the browser will make obvious which portion of the page is controlled by that class. Using the browser's View | Source menu will be of use as well.

Test Harness

Please see the file $DOCUMENT_ROOT/cw_templates/test_harness.htm for more information. This file may be of use to you in creating templates. Read the source code for the file. It contains further information on skins and provides a single page view of most of the CSS classes used in a skin. Also, please see the readme file in that folder for more information.


We offer consulting services wherein we will create a skin for you if you wish. Please contact us for more information.