Using the calendar manager you may create an exact copy of a calendar by clicking on the archive icon (). You may wish to do this, for example, before deleting a user or before deleting a large number of events with the delete events dialog.

The archived calendar is not accessible. In other words, you will not be able to view its events. You may un-archive the calendar by clicking on the un-archive icon (), however if doing so would activate more calendars than you have licensed the calendar will not be un-archived.

Reinstating an archived calendar

Certain commands such as delete events and import events are non-recoverable in the sense that once the function is completed it is not easy to undo. Prior to initiating these commands you may wish to create an archive of your calendar before performing these tasks. To recover a previously archived calendar please follow these steps:

Because you cannot delete the default calendar you must physically copy the un-archived calendar files from the folder to the default folder in order to restore an archive of the default calendar.