The calendar lock feature allows you to lock the calendar from changes during certain periods. There are three locks. Lock I, Lock II and a weekend lock. Lock I locks at a particular time and before that time. Lock II locks at a certain time and after that time. The weekend lock locks out the entire weekend from 12:00am Saturday until 11:59pm Sunday night. The details of each lock is described below. Access this dialog by clicking on the lock () or unlock () icon on the calendar manager screen.

Further information

You may set any combination of Lock I, Lock II or weekend locks. If any of the three locks apply to and event or time period it is locked. Its easiest to think of these locks in terms of before and after. If you want to lock everything in the past use Lock I rolling with zero hours, minutes and days (that is a rolling lock against the current time). Everything in the past will be locked. The rolling lock changes every minute as it maintains its specified distance prior to or after the current time. For example a two hour rolling lock at 11:49am locks until 1:49pm. At 11:50am it locks until 1:50pm and so on.

The timed locks lock at a particular time each day. For example a midnight lock would lock the entire day at midnight each night. At 11:50pm the remaining 10 minutes of the day are locked. At 11:59pm only one minute is locked. At 12:00am the entire following day is locked.

Note:If an event spans the start time or end time of a lockout period its event edit icon appears slightly differently (). Additionally, the event add icon also appears slightly differently () if the period in question crosses a lockout boundary.

Note: The lock type II checks against the start time of a submitted event only. If the submitted event starts before the lockout time the event will be accepted - even if its end time may cross the boundary. For example - if lock type II is set to 9:00am seven days from now - an event occuring at 8:55am seven days from now will be accepted even though it ends inside the lockout period.