User may attach notes to events with the add notes / edit notes dialog. Attach as many notes as you like to each event. Events with attached notes are displayed with the notes icon () on the calendar. Click the notes icon to review the note.

The event's owner, or those with higher permission, may remove or edit notes. User's may attach notes depending on the setting of the 'note_access' field (see event edit dialog). You may enter regular text or valid HTML code into a note - including links to other web pages available over the internet.

Notes for repeating events

When the note edit dialog is opened for repeating events an additional checkbox appears labeled 'This note is for this occurrence of the event only'. Check this box and the note will appear only when the given occurrence of the event is displayed.

For example, if an event repeats every Sunday for ten weeks you could attach a unique note to the third Sunday only. Events with date specific notes of this sort will appear with the date specific note icon ().