The event is one the basic data objects in this software. Events may be added, edited, deleted, undeleted, duplicated, reviewed, have a note attached, downloaded, imported, and exported. Events may also be made pending, made repeating (with optional exceptions), assigned ownership or initiate a notification.

Customizing events

Each event shares certain attributes with all other which are called 'fields'. The list of fields may be fully customized including renaming, hiding, making required and defaulting. You may also set different permission levels on different fields. The ability to so fully customize the field data of events is an extremely powerful feature of this software. You may customize this software exactly as you wish.

Another very powerful feature of the software allows you to customize the way events are displayed in the various views. For example, you may wish to show the event category in the month grid view but not in the planner views. Alternatively, you may wish to customize email notifications. You may accomplish this using event display strings.


Tasks are identical to, and are stored in the same database as, events. Tasks differ from events only in that they do not normally possess a start or end time. For this reason we do not fully document the task related features of this software. Wherever you read the word 'event' in this help file you may safely read the words 'task'.