The fourth page of the four page customize event dialog provides access to other useful customizations.

For example you may change the section headings of the various portions of the event edit screen. Empty values for the prompt of a section heading will hide that heading (not the whole group), in effect joining one section of the event edit form to the next.

By clicking on the 'Hide entire section' checkbox you may hide the entire section of fields. This is done by default for the contact data 2 section.

Other options

The other options section of this page allow you to enable pending events, allow end users to add values to the dropdown lists, and choose an icon set for events (see event editing for more information).

Display strings

The final section of this fourth page displays read only information on a few of the various event display strings (there are many more). Event display strings are a very powerful feature of this software that is fully explained on the associated help file.