This optional feature allows you to maintain an list of ongoing tasks. These tasks are identical to events except tasks usually do not have a start date and end date associated with them, whereas an event requires both a start date and an end date. Generally speaking you may do anything with a task list item as you may do with an event.

The task list presents itself using the report view. Due date, subject, status, priority and age are shown by default. You may click on the expand icon () to display more columns.

Unlike the regular calendar display where deleted items are hidden, deleted (or closed) items on the task list are shown in a separate area of the same display. Closed items display the reopen icon () instead of the edit or delete icons. Press the clean deleted tasks icon () to remove any closed items permanently.

Registering the Task List component

This component is optional. When registering the software you may add this optional feature. The registration fee for this option enables a separate task list for each calendar.