When an end user requests a permission setting that cannot be automatically granted (see the user settings help file) the request they've made will become pending. Pending requests are displayed in the user manager under a pending request list.

A pending user request does not effect the existing user. That user's account will continue to operate as it did prior to the pending request. For example, a view user who asks for admin permission will remain a view user until the pending request is processed. The pending request will appear to a trusted admin or super user the next time he/she views the user manager. The admin may either reject the request by hitting the delete user icon () or accept the request by editing the user () and pressing submit to save the changes.

Send emails when users change

Using the email feature you may cause emails to be sent whenever a user makes any sort of change to his/her record including requests that generate a pending request. In this way pending requests do not sit waiting. Please see the email help file for more information.