If enabled, this feature allows you to specify a different permission -- per user -- per calendar. By default a user's permission is calculated as described in the user permissions help file.

The permissions-per-calendar feature allows one to layer additional detail on top the regular process. For example, a certain edit user may need admin permission for one calendar but not others.

This feature requires the existence of at least one non-super user. The feature also requires at least two calendars. Without these the feature makes no sense.

To enable the feature follow these steps:

To use the feature follow these steps:

Testing the feature

After completing the above steps you will notice that the user now has two permissions displayed on the user manager. The first permission is the user's default permission, the second permission is this user's special permission for this particular calendar (if different from his default). Switch between calendars using the calendar dropdown and notice that the user has a special permission on the given calendar. To further experiment login as the user. Switch between calendars as the logged in user and notice the permissions.